totallyberserk (totallyberserk) wrote in gaymafiabing,

new motto.

Gay Mafioso

                     Love is blind, but Friendship closes its eyes.



Speaking of Mafia, I was on the phone with my mom today- I decided to call her randomly. And while I was bitching at her to get my brother his own car so I can bring up mine- I so happened to mention that many a kid from Long Island's parents bestowed upon their own children bmw's and acura's. She then said its because its Long Island, home of the Mafia.

I corrected her and said that many jewish people live in Long Island and its not just mafioso infested.

She said, "Have you seen the news? The Mafia on Long Island are killing each other off!" I believe I blinked a few times and then changed the subject.

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